Helped clarify and simplified the process - so much information available that the whole WHS obligation is quite overwhelming

Cropping, Narromine

Provided a brilliant starting point, or head start. Gave me templates to use and adjust. Instead of starting at step 0, I felt like I was able to start at Step 10.

Cropping, Willala

It gives you somewhere to start and makes it all a lot more straightforward. You have somebody to answer your questions or find out relevant information

Cropping & Beef, Dunedoo

We had no WHS in place on our property, however we did understand its importance. (The advisor) took us through and made it very accessible and achievable

Horticulture, Brooklet

We have had a WHS policy written up, but did not fully understand how to implement the same. It helped us to not be "bogged down" by compliance

Beef, Adelong

Brilliant head start, and helps explain what is needed to meet requirements

Horticulture, Alstonville

Having that face to face contact was very valuable and helped explain the grey areas

Cropping, Willaia

The resources were well organised, practical and easily available. The tone of the visit was of constructive help not heavy-handed compliance

Horticulture, Alstonville

I think we need support in this area, greatly. WHS is so overwhelming and I think it's really important that to get farms implementing policy we get hands on support. I'm an educated person, have a degree, have already done a course with TOCAL in WHS and still found it really hard to get started! The only word I can used when it comes to WHS is overwhelming. I just think it would be so great to have someone come to our farm, work through it with us and guide us. It has simplified it and the one on one support is brilliant

Cropping, Moree