On Farm WHS Health Check

This program links our Farm Safety Advisors directly with your business through one on one consultation.

Our advisors work with you to analyse your existing WHS framework and provide solutions to ensure the business WHS framework is sound.

Through funding from NSW Government this is a FREE program.

Who would benefit from this?

The WHS Health Check is for small to medium (under 50 full time employees) farming businesses with operations in NSW. We work across a broad range of farming enterprises including broad acre cropping and livestock, intensive livestock, horticulture and aquaculture.

Often our program participants are in the process of developing a WHS framework for their business for the first time, while others have had many years of implementation and reviews, seeing the benefit of having an independent review as an effective way of maintaining the currency of their framework.

Who in my business should be involved?

Your WHS framework is not only based around the creation of policies and procedures – the implementation of these needs to happen within the day to day operations that occur.

The WHS Health Check visit is open to both administration and operations sides of your business, “that wont work here” can be discussed and solutions created by the relevant people in the business.

What is involved?

Once you have registered interest in an On Farm WHS Health Check our Farm Safety Advisors will contact you with an estimated time that they will be in your area and arrange a time for the visit.

The visits take an average time of around 2 hours- and the topics covered are tailored to your business generally including:

What is needed in a healthy WHS framework? Do my existing policies and procedures meet current needs? Are there effective tools to help create or update this framework?

How do we implement these within our operations?

My business would like to focus on one or more particular issues such as:

  • Bringing on a new worker,
  • Starting a new enterprise,
  • Children and visitors on farms,
  • Working in and around silos,
  • Making our vehicles, quad’s and SSV’s safer,
  • Planning for an emergency and what happens after.

At the end of the visit, your business will have a detailed plan of the steps required and tools available to create or update the businesses WHS framework.

Our advisors remain available to you for assistance through this development and implementation process.

To register your interest in having a Farm Safety Advisor contact you regarding an On Farm WHS Health Check, click here.